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Wednesday, 12 August 2009 18:18

RAW RAW The aims of The Referees' Association of Wales are;

  • to promote the interests of Members and of refereeing
  • to improve the status and reputation of referees
  • to improve the standard of refereeing
  • to increase public understanding of referees and refereeing
  • to recruit and retain referees as Members
  • to provide guidance and support for Members and affiliated local Referees’ Associations, Branches and Societies
  • to promote and provide education, training and development for referees
  • to support and protect Members from injustice and unfair treatment in matters related to refereeing
  • to represent the interests of referees to and on the controlling bodies of Association Football
  • to ensure the provision of a benevolent fund to provide financial support for Members, past Members and their dependants in need
  • to ensure the provision of personal insurance for Members whilst engaged in refereeing activities, including the activities of the Association
  • to provide social and educational activities for Members
  • to retain non-active referees in Membership so that their experience may benefit active referees to promote the best interests of the game of
    Association Football.



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