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About RAW! - The Association


The RA are able to provide extremely low cost insurance for members, currently £4.00/year

Members are provided with insurance whilst traveling directly to and from a game and during a game and while on recognised referees' society business.

The insurance policy covers only UK resident members of The Association whilst refereeing in the UK.

If as a direct result of an accident you suffer:

  • Loss of limb(s)
  • Loss of eye(s)
  • Death
  • Temporary total disablement.
  • Theft of refereeing equipment.

Products and Publications

An extensive, competitively priced, range of supplies for all referees, available by mail order.

Publications including the national magazine "Refereeing Today".

Benevolent Fund

Hopefully members never need to apply for assistance from the R.A. Benevolent Fund but, sadly, some of our members do fall on hard times and are in need. Whatever the reason for this need the Benevolent Fund is there to assist all of our members (past and present) and dependants.

Regular Meetings

Local societies tend to meet once a month. This gives members the opportunity to discuss problems they may be having and to receive up to date information & training. Local societies work closely with local leagues to help new referees through the important first few matches and help resolve any problems. Area associations are also in regular contact with the Area FA’s.

Guest speakers from refereeing and from all areas of football administration.

Other Benefits

Monthly newspaper provided by some societies during the football season, with national and local news and a lot of useful articles.
Mentor schemes in many branches.
Instructors and senior colleagues available to help with any problems.
Support when required to attend a disciplinary hearing.
Advice and guidance from local colleagues who watch local matches with a view to helping referees to develop their techniques and skill levels.
Seminars to develop up-and-coming referees and the referees in local football who wish to improve their performance.
Help with interpreting changes in the Laws.