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Martin New & Terry Allday Are The Instructors Based At The Society Martin New & Terry Allday Are The Instructors Based At The Society This past season has been one of the best for the Vale of Glamorgan Referees Society with membership at an all time high and 28 members and it has been the members that have made the Society one of the best attended in South Wales. A long way from its 6 members in 2002!

By attending and participating in meetings it provides the opportunity for understanding and improving as a referee as it’s never too late to learn something albeit many of the more experienced guys have just about seen and heard it all!

This participation means a greater consistency in decision making which I am sure that players will appreciate.

 But that’s not all being a member of Society is – it’s not just about refereeing it’s also about “spreading the word” including educating and assisting others about the world’s – and the Vales’ - biggest game!

Earlier this year the VoGRS was asked for their support from the Welsh Football Trust who was undertaking a project in Somalia by encouraging sustainable development through Sports. The programme, and was about delivering a range of activities using football as a vehicle for promoting the Millennium Development Goals in particular MDG6 which is to combat HIV /AIDS, Malaria and other diseases.

The VoGRS assisted the project by providing referee shirts, kit and accessories, the Laws of Association Football, FIFA Referee Training DVDs and including VoGRS pin badges.

There is a new Referees Course due to start shortly if anyone is interested then please go to the SWFA Referees Training website or alternatively contact us through our website
or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Alternatively if any club or team would like a “Laws Session” – we have 2 Licensed FAW Referee Instructors - then contact the VoGRS.